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Broome Getaway - Australia's North West
Duration 7 Days

If you feel the need for some local culture and a cold beer, make sure you visit this region's iconic pubs. As well as being home to unique watering holes, this region is a vast wilderness area waiting to be explored. The coastline is equally impressive with Broome's Cable Beach arguably Western Australia 's most famous coastal paradise, drawing visitors back time and again.

One glance at the captivating 22 kilometres of brilliant white sand and sparkling turquoise waters will explain the attraction.

With a fascinating and colourful history, Broome is also endowed with near-perfect weather from autumn through to spring, with highs of 29 degrees Celsius in mid-winter.

A mere two and a half hours from Perth by air, Broome International Airport receives daily flights from Perth and a number of regular inbound services from other Australian capital cities too - so accessibility is no problem.

Day 1: Broome
Kick back and take it easy on the first day. You're now among friendly locals, so it shouldn't take long to slip into the relaxed Broome lifestyle.

There are plenty of local watering holes that offer great meals, friendly hospitality and comfortable accommodation in Broome. The Roebuck Bay Hotel offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets including 37 motel rooms as well as a backpackers lodge. After you've checked in spend the afternoon relaxing poolside.

As the soft evening light rolls in, it's time for the mandatory stroll along spectacular Cable Beach to discover for yourself what all the fuss is about. Stop in at the Divers Tavern to enjoy a tasty pub meal and a coldie before heading back to your accommodation - confident of resting well and anticipation of the fun awaiting you on day 2.

Overnight: Broome

Day 2: Broome
Banish any lingering sleepiness with an invigorating early morning walk along Cable Beach - there's nothing like fresh ocean air to awaken the senses.

Tuck into a healthy breakfast in China Town , grab your hat and sunscreen and you're set for a day of sight-seeing, either independently or with a tour group.

The local day tours will ensure you don't miss any of Broome's highlights and main attractions and the guides provide a background to some of the town's colourful past along with the myth and mystery of its pearl-diving heritage and wartime history. A day tour is definitely recommended for anyone pushed for time.

Gantheaume Point, at the southern end of Cable Beach , is a reminder of the ancient natural heritage reflected in this part of the world. Here you'll discover authentic dinosaur footprints preserved in rock and take in commanding views of the coastline.

Marvel at the dramatic contrast of red sandstone cliffs and white sands against the Indian Ocean's turquoise-blue waters - then head off for a quick, but informative tour of Western Australia 's pearling history.

You'll be encouraged to soak up the haunting silence of Broome's cemetery, filled with the gravestones of Japanese, Afghan and Malay pearlers. The intricate pearl shell altar at Weld Street 's Catholic Church provides a tiny insight into why lives were risked in the harvesting of these marine treasures.

It's now time to head back to Matso's Broome Brewery for a scrumptious lunch or a mid-afternoon snack, then grab that novel you've been trying to find time to read all year, select your preferred outdoor setting and settle in for the rest of the day.

For the ultimate sunset experience, saddle up for a camel ride along Cable Beach - quirky, romantic and great fun.

This is one of Broome's iconic experiences so you mustn't leave without doing it at least once. The camel's rhythmic, rocking gait over wet sand, the sun's heat fading fast, evening shadows stretching long across the beach, the sky slowly glowing red with another perfect tropical sunset…we're talking postcard material here - and you're in the shot!

Overnight: Broome

Day 3: Broome
Head into town today to explore Broome's thriving local community.

Here you'll find Chinatown, Broome's oldest district and commercial heart, scattered with jewellery stores featuring exquisite local pearls and Argyle diamonds crafted by some of Western Australia 's most celebrated jewellery designers.

Broome may be small, but don't be fooled - it's also a global centre for the world's pearling industry and observant visitors will be surprised at the number of corporate jets flying in and out of town.

After a morning of shopping, head back to the Pearler's Lounge at the Roebuck Bay Hotel for lunch and a refreshing ale or glass of wine.

In town, take a look at Streeter's Jetty just to the rear of the town centre. This is the location for many of the classic photographs of Broome's pearling luggers, and makes for great photographs at high tide.

After another relaxing afternoon beside the pool or ocean, tear yourself away from that favourite book for a balmy evening of great atmosphere at the Oasis Bar.

Overnight: Broome

Day 4: Broome
Today's the day for soft adventure starting with a little hovercraft action across Roebuck Bay .

Explore Dampier Creek's mud flats and tidal creeks, then continue across the water to Crab Creek for an awesome sight of the prehistoric kind - dinosaur footprints embedded in beachside rocks.

Back in town, continue the aquatic theme by setting off on a gentle cruise aboard a beautifully restored timber pearl lugger or luxury catamaran - an ideal way to truly appreciate another glorious Broome sunset. You may even be fortunate enough to share the ocean stage with frolicking dolphins.

Relax at Matso's Broome Brewery and treat yourself to an evening meal and a locally brewed boutique beer - the perfect end to a fantastic day!

Overnight: Broome

Day 5: Broome
Slow the pace today and spend most of it pool or beach side. After all, that's one of the main reasons people flock to Broome each year…to do nothing!

Cable Beach is undoubtedly one of the world's most photographed beaches. Its pure white sand bordering a brilliant blue ocean is just the place for a leisurely stroll and a rejuvenating ocean swim.

Soak up the sun's brilliant warmth and swim in the clear tropical waters, ideally between April and October, but whatever the time you choose to visit Broome, you'll understand the magnetism of this sensual oasis.

In the afternoon, you may want to explore a local pearl farm. Head into town and join a tour to discover the many intriguing facets of Western Australia 's pearling industry and gain a glimpse into the challenges of the early hard-hat pearl divers.

Finish the tour with a look at the local museum and pearling exhibition.

While in town, take the opportunity to view a movie at the world's oldest operating picture garden - Sun Pictures. Built in 1916, Broome's own sunset cinema still screens the latest films each night and offers a cinema atmosphere like no other.

Overnight: Broome

Day 6: Broome
Finish your Broome getaway with more sight seeing, or visit the Manbana Discovery Centre to learn about the connection Aboriginal people have with the water and feed some barramundi while you are there.

Bird watchers should definitely take the trip to Broome's bird observatory, just outside town. Thousands of migratory birds visit between September and March, making it one of the most well-regarded bird watching sites in the world.

Also worth a visit is Broome's world-famous crocodile farm - the enclosure's natural surrounds create an impression of being in the wild, which enhances the experience.

If your timing's right, end your stay in Broome by witnessing a true natural phenomenon - the Staircase to the Moon. This stunning optical illusion occurs for three nights each month from March to October, when abnormally low tides of up to seven metres coincide with the full moon.

An image of a brilliant stairway of light is created on the damp beaches as a rippled pattern dances out for several kilometres rising towards the full moon on the horizon - it's absolutely breathtaking.

Overnight: Broome

Day 7: Broome - Perth
Time to return to reality so take your last cooling dip before packing the bags and flying directly back to Perth.

If you are planning to drive after visiting a pub, please do so safely and remember the blood alcohol limit is 0.05
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