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Margaret River Food and Wine - Australia's South West
Duration 3 Days

For those who like their ales, the South West has a range of historic pubs waiting to be discovered. If you're a wine-lover, these pubs also boast an extensive list of award-winning wines.

In addition to being one of Australia's best-known wine regions, Margaret River offers a fabulous escape for short breaks and luxury food and wine indulgences.

Situated just a few hours drive from Perth, the region offers a huge selection of world-class wineries, gourmet food and boutique pub accommodation making it ideal for a romantic getaway, or a weekend escape.

Day 1: Perth - Margaret River
A leisurely four-hour drive south from Perth, through the rolling farm lands of the south west hinterland, will put you on the edge of the world-famous vineyards of Margaret River.

The Capel Vale region, on the northern fringe, makes an ideal starting point for your food and wine indulgence and offers some excellent reds and whites.

Now is the time to discard your watch and relax. Explore some of the local wineries, before cruising into the wine heartland of Margaret River.

The Margaret River wine region is relatively compact and very easy to navigate.

Make your first stop the visitors' centre in the main street, where you will find maps along with some tips on some of the local gourmet dining secrets.

Book in for one of the short wine appreciation courses on offer, and learn more about the local drops before heading out on your own.

Then take a drive - via a few wineries - to the local chocolate or fudge factory and stock up on some of the necessities of life. Exquisite gourmet chocolates and other treats can be purchased which are ideal as evening snacks, to accompany a smooth port or dessert wine.

Take in an early dinner at the Margaret River Hotel River and enjoying a glass of local wine or a beer with friends.

Nestled between farmlands and the coast, Margaret River is spoiled with top quality farm produce, fresh seafoods, and the local specialty - Marron. This tasty little crustacean is much prized as a succulent gourmet meal, and is a prominent feature on many local menus.

Overnight: Margaret River

Day 2: Margaret River
Wake to the sound of birds and nature and enjoy a continental breakfast at the pub while you soak up the morning sunshine.

Stroll along the main street and explore a gallery or two or take a coffee down to the parklands overlooking the river to relax and enjoy the friendly ducks.

Spend the rest of the day travelling the winding country roads, or taste-testing local wines, cheeses, olive oil, venison and fruits.

A short drive to the coastal reserve at Prevelly Point is recommended. Enjoy watching the rolling waves, as the setting sun warms your face.

Enjoy the enthusiastic wave-riders putting on a show just off the point.

As the forest grows dark, drop into Seashells Caves House for a meal and meet some friendly locals who will always offer their hints on the -must do' wineries. Some of the best tips come from the people who live in the region.

Overnight: Margaret River

Day 3: Margaret River - Perth
Sleep in a little, before heading off to explore some of the region's other attractions.

A short drive through the forest leads you to the town of Augusta and the famous lighthouse on Cape Leeuwin. This is the geographic point where the Indian and Southern oceans meet, and the rolling green hills, rocky coastal outcrops and brilliant, white lighthouse makes for stunning photographs.

Augusta is also one of the best places in the south to see migrating whales in season and there are many tours available.

Weave your way back through the tree-lined, country roads and abundant wineries, taking time to explore some of the local galleries and enjoy the wildlife.

Stop for a final hearty pub meal at Settler's Tavern, before saying goodbye and slowly making your way back home. Or continue on with the Secret Southern Wineries or Southern Forests itinerary for a further exploration of Western Australia's tranquil forests.

NOTE: While sampling the varieties and styles of different wineries and enjoying a drink at the local pub is a sensational, fun way to spend a day, visitors should be aware that drivers are subject to alcohol limits which are strictly enforced. So moderation is always advised. Organised group tours to the wineries are plentiful and offer excellent value for money.

If you are planning to drive after visiting a pub, please do so safely and remember the blood alcohol limit is 0.05
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